Trade Show BoothWhen it comes to trade shows, 83% of exhibitors agreed that building and expanding brand awareness is one of their top priorities according to a CEIR/Changing Environment Study. This makes standing out in a crowd at an industry trade show tough. Here are three ways to create an experience that they will remember and make your brand a part of a memorable trade show experience.

Display your products.
This may seem obvious but sometimes your display can get lost in everything else you are trying to do. Make sure that you are showing your actual products or service as much as possible. You want to make sure that a trade show attendee stands in front of your booth and can tell you what your products are or what your company does. Create a display that puts the attention on your product – you can even find table covers, display kits and banners that you customize.

Utilize technology and media.
Today, everyone is connected. Whether it’s by smart phone or tablet. So take advantage of that connectivity and make sure that you are making connections, adding value and offering incentives through your social media channels during the trade show. You can also offer some portable chargers for visitors to re-charge their smart phones or implement a selfie station and hand out a selfie keychain remote with your brand on it. Take advantage of using video and music in your booth to show case your brand and products; hand out branded earbuds or bluetooth speakers to those people who provide you with contact information or watch your promotional video.

Engage the senses.
Consider popping popcorn and handing the tasty treat out in bags that have your logo on them. Or maybe bake chocolate chip cookies in a portable toaster oven and had them out with napkins that have your logo on them. You can also give them something for the road and hand out trail mix or mints. All of these options will engage visitors sense of smell and taste that will make their stop at your trade show booth memorable after the show ends.

By making sure that your brand is part of a memorable trade show experience, you will be remembered by potential customers and vendors in your industry even after the trade show doors have closed.