blogimage-080416With record-breaking temps across the country and the relaxed, laid-back attitude of summer in full swing, it’s hard to believe the next school year is just around the corner. But it is – and so it’s time to start preparing with classroom supplies, fundraising ideas and school spirit boosters. Promotional products work great for schools because students, parents, teachers, alumni and administrators have a lot of pride in their schools. Branded promotional items help demonstrate that pride.

Here are three tips for using branded products in education:

School Supplies.
Promotional products fulfill a basic supply need. When provided to students, school supplies like pens, pencils, rulers, notebooks, book covers, calculators, and supply boxes branded with a school logo can increase school pride. Items like these are ideal for a school store, and can be offered to students at a reduced cost.

Booster clubs, PTAs, athletic teams, choir and bands all need to sell things to raise funds. And they’re getting bored with the cookie dough and magazine subscription route. Groups can raise more money with fun, new items that let students and parents show their school spirit. Logoed flip flops, backpacks, lunch bags, water bottles and tech stuff (iPod cases, laptop sleeves, ear buds) are popular, as well as branded apparel – with hoodies ranking number one, followed by T-shirts in vintage cuts and worn, faded colors.

School and Team Uniforms.
More and more schools require uniforms for daily wear. Just like athletic teams sport the school brand on their uniform, so to should a student uniform. If polos or twill shirts in school colors are required, take the next step and add the school logo. Branded apparel can form a connection between the student and the school, leading to increased involvement and better grades.

With promotional products those in the education market can meet three important student needs, providing: things needed to do homework, things needed to show school spirit and things needed to raise money!