The holiday season is in full swing so here are three tips for gift giving this holiday season.Corporate holiday gifts are a way to strengthen business relationships and get things started as you head into a new year. The holiday season is in full swing so here are three tips for gift-giving this holiday season.

1. Mix things up. Don’t think that a one-size-fits-all strategy is the best way to go with your gift-giving. Have some fun with your corporate holiday gifts. A simple way to do this is not to give the same gift every year. Better yet, take it a step further, and don’t give everyone the same gift. One way to do this is to think of a theme and run with it! It could be a “Christmas in July” theme where you give everyone something they could take to the beach or you run with a sports/tailgating theme and think about stadium seats, blankets and portable grills.

2. Find something useful. People love to receive gifts that they actually need, and even more-so gifts that they will use. Take the time to ask questions and see what will be well-received. Here’s just one example. With smart phones on the rise and streaming music more popular than ever, a powerbank (an external phone battery) and a Bluetooth-enabled speaker would surely be a hit. While some people may have one, or both items already, it’s an attractive, functional and new gift that will please the recipient.

3. Make the gift and experience a package deal. An experience doesn’t last forever; but if you include a personalized gift you can create a memento that will remind the recipients of the experience. Maybe you take your team out to dinner to show your appreciation. Why not include a restaurant gift card into a wine glass imprinted with your logo? If you decide to treat some of your staff with a spa certificate, maybe include a robe embroidered with your company logo as part of the package.

Before you start your holiday shopping, remember these tips and you will get more out of holiday gift-giving that you might think.  You will inspire loyalty out of the people who are most important to your business while also showing appreciation to your clients and employees.