product-groupingSometimes it’s hard to understand the positive power promotional products have. Even when you incorporate promotional products into your marketing strategy, it can be difficult to believe that a simple item with your logo and branding can help increase sales and improve awareness of your brand.

1) They help increase your sales in a cost-effective manner. Promotional products have a lower cost-per impression than traditional forms of advertising according to Advertising Specialty Institute’s Impressions Study. This low cost allows you to earn more.  52% of respondents, in a survey done by the Promotional Product Association International, said they did business with the advertiser.

2) They make an impression while broadening your reach. Promotional products impressions are not limited to just those who receive them. Any time a consumer uses a promotional product, they are exposing your brand to more advertising. This earns you repeated exposure and allows people to develop positive feelings towards your brand.

3) They grab your customer’s attention, and people like them. According to a study done by the PPAI, 76.2% of people who received a promotional product in the past two years were able to recall the product, the company and the message. The most common draw for promotional projects is their usefulness and practicality.