Going off to college and living on their own is an adjustment for most 18 year olds. To make it easier, many colleges and universities offer a “Welcome Back” event for these first-year students. These events are full of information from on-campus organizations but may also be open to local businesses surrounding the campus.

And while welcome events are extremely important for the students, they offer benefits for the organizations and businesses involved. Planning ahead for back-to-school time with promotional products geared to college campuses or even classroom supplies will put your brand front and center with more than just the students.

Consider these items that college students can’t live without:

  • Apparel – specifically t-shirts and caps. Most college students will be wearing t-shirts and caps around campus at some point in time. Offer comfortable, neutral or collegiate colors to help build a united identity with other students. It’s also free marketing for your business or organization. They’ll wear them in class, around campus or even in the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Cups. A lot of college students are on a budget – they need drinkware and dinnerware. Plastic cups with your company’s logo and phone number imprinted on them could be your contribution to their dorm or student lounge kitchen. It will keep your brand top of mind.
  • Folders, notebooks and binders. Some think that college students don’t get excited about these basic supplies any longer but they couldn’t be more wrong. When money is tight, these items are appreciated. Branded folders, notebooks and binders will be used just as much as that pen or pencil you give away.

If you don’t currently take part in this type of event, check with your local colleges and universities to see if they would be open to allowing you to have an appearance on campus.

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