The usefulness of caps and hats in promotions is one of the easiest concepts when it comes to your marketing programs. Here we answer three common questions we receive.

How long is production?

Production time for headwear varies by supplier and the cap program you choose. Vernon recently introduced air freigh otions with its custom cap program. Now in as few as seven to eight weeks, you can have custom headwear in hand for your employee event, at a tradeshow or in your company store. Production begins upon approval of a complimentary proof. For tighter turnaround, choose from our stock headwear styles.

What’s the best decoration method?

A variety of decoration techniques can be applied to headwear, but for basic cap styles, embroidery provides you the most versatility and the greatest number of options for your logo placement.

Where to put the logo?

The standard answer is to place the logo on the front of the cap – which puts your brand front and center. But take a moment to consider this – if you want your customer to wear the hat longer, why not place something that appeals to a daily lifestyle on the front of the cap and place your branding on the side of the hat? This will give your brand additional exposure over time. You should also consider other areas of the cap for a tagline, website, phone number or other information. This will put your brand exposure from all directions.