It seems that the stylus is becoming more and more necessary as note-taking and drawing apps become popular and higher-level functionality is developing. This is a change from initial thoughts about the ease of use on the iPhone and other smart phones. (Steve Jobs was famous for hating the stylus.)


There are those with petite, pointy fingers who can hit the most minute icon on a smart phone. But there are some who still prefer one degree of separation between themselves and the apps they need to access.

Here are some pros of the stylus pen…

  • Use the touch screen keyboard more quickly
  • Draw on the touch screen with more accuracy
  • Project a more professional appearance when using a tablet
  • Use of a stylus will keep the screen cleaner
  • In general, it is easier to interact with some applications with a stylus than with a finger
  • The stylus is relatively inexpensive, yet has a high perceived value

Consider a stylus pen the next time you are promoting your brand, or even as an executive gift, employee appreciation gift, or at a trade show.

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