Birthdays, holidays, special days, any days. From the momentous to the mundane, the dates we can’t forget are recorded on our calendars. But, in a world dominated by digital everything, does the printed version of our record keeping still have a place?

Absolutely!… a recent study by Promotional Products Association International (PPAI) revealed the printed calendar is still king!

For decades printed advertising calendars have been a mainstay in the home and office. Even in today’s ever-increasing technological age, the printed advertising calendar is still very relevant, very wanted.

Calendars By The Numbers
The study reveals the strength and effectiveness of this time-tested promotional product:

  • 79% of homes and 78% of businesses have a printed calendar.
  • 8 out of 10 said calendars were either very important or extremely important in their daily lives.
  • 79% enjoy receiving calendars as a complimentary gift
  • Average number of printed calendars in the home is 3; average at work is 2.
  • 50% of people have never used the calendar function on their cell phone.

Recall Of Advertiser On The Calendar
Even more significant than how much people want and use a calendar, is the effect it has on your business when you put your brand on one.

  • 75% of people who have an advertising calendar can remember the advertiser and product or service/message advertised.
  • 78% of people receiving an advertising calendar plan to do business with the company again.
  • 61% had a more favorable impression of the advertiser
  • 49% have referred the company who gave them the calendar to somebody else.

With such high recall, reaction and referral numbers the ROI when promoting your business with advertising calendars is huge.