Get ready for two of the sweetest words in the world. Free. Food. The thing that unites all humans is this: wherever free food is, that’s where we want to be. So why not take it to another level and think about handing out an edible promotional gift at your next event, or as a holiday gift, or for the release of your new product or service? Below are ten tips that can make the concept of free food go even further in your branding strategy:

1. Make sure your packaging is imprinted. While the goodies are inside the package, the bucket, tin or boxes can should show off you brand so that each time it’s brought out your name is remembered.

2. Think about your budget, the shipping location, the time of year and how many people will enjoy it. Sharing this information with your promotional product consultant will better help them find something that meets your expectations.

3. Be realistic about your budget. When it comes to edible gifts, $50.00 won’t feed 50 people.

4. Think about people’s tastes; sometimes sweet AND savory will hit everyone’s palette.

5.  Consider timing: People are in a different mind-set in January (thanks to those New Year’s resolutions) than they are around Thanksgiving (planning a meal can make anyone hungry!).

6. Logos aren’t everything – many times you can incorporate your branding using colors along – think delicious colored icing on sugar cookies, colored candy pieces…

7. When lacking logos, bundle. Adding a lone decorated item to a basket of non-imprinted foodstuffs can ad longevity to your promotion. For example, if you own a car dealership add in a single decorated travel mug to your gift basket.  Once the goodies are gone, the travel mug will find it’s way to the recipients car.

8. Sometimes a simple imprinted ribbon can set a edible food gift apart. Presentation is everything!

9. If your doing an edible gift for a large group of people, think individual bags as another way to share your brand or message.

10. Savory snacks, such as pretzels or nuts, are a good gifts for golf events (or any other outdoor event) because they withstand the temperature.

Source: Grueble, Chrisse. “21 Piping-Hot, Fresh-From-the-Overn Sales Tips for Edible Promotions.” Promo Marketing, 32 – 34.