In today’s competitive world, there are many different beliefs about how to market a product or service. Regardless of approach, however, there are some core concepts that are found in every successful marketing program, effort and plan.

Commitment: No matter what your product or service, a solid commitment to the marketing process is required for success.

Investment: Rather than thinking how much you “have” to spend on marketing, consider what “investment” you want to make to ensure your organization’s future.

Consistency: Staying in front of your customer’s eyes and in their ears ensures you’re also in their minds. Marketing is ineffective when it is here today and gone tomorrow. A constant stream of messages increases top-of-mind consumer awareness.

Quality: Ensure your marketing is top quality. Your ads, newsletters, brochures, etc., send a message about your organization, product and value of service.

Patience: The rapid rate of technological advancement has tricked us into thinking that our marketing must be an instant and huge success. On the contrary, since our marketing is building a relationship and perception in people’s minds, success comes much more slowly.

Assortment: Effective marketing uses a variety of tools to get the job done. There are many traditional mediums everyone uses, so sometimes doing something a little bit different may provide you the edge you need. Don’t get fooled into believing that one size fits all.

Adaptive: Because our world is changing on a daily basis, so must our marketing efforts. Stay away from the “We’ve always done it that way” mentality and constantly ensure your marketing efforts are focused on today’s customers—not last year’s trend.

Convenience: Elaborate and complex marketing programs or efforts tire people out. Make sure your communications or programs are simple and easy for the recipient to use or read.

Amazement: Seek to amaze and surprise through your marketing efforts. Today, successful marketing is about differentiating yourself by the experience you provide your customers. Don’t just try to satisfy, but amaze them by going beyond their expectations.

Measure: Successful marketing employs clear evaluative tools and check points to measure its efforts. Most everything we do in business has clear goals and evaluation processes tied to it. Measuring our marketing allows us to make course corrections as needed and provides confidence in the investment made.

Source: David Kinard, M.Ed., PCM, (The Marketing Guy) is a marketing expert who speaks professionally and is the principal of Access Marketing Solutions, a Seattle-based firm that works with associations that want to revolutionize their industries, and their members who want to reenergize their marketing.