There are many reasons why business owners should use promotional items to raise awareness for a cause that they support. One important reason is that customers and employees usually hold on to the products for extended periods of teams, which means that customers will think about the cause for longer than one day (if you’re holding a special awareness day or event). Further, the products show customers and employees that you care about the well-being and health of your community.

For functional items, many promotional products can be used to increase public awareness.  From red promotional pens to support heart health given away during the month of February to pink notepads raising awareness for breast cancer in October, these items can help raise support for a cause that is important to you.

Additionally, a promotional calendar can be used to generate awareness for a cause all year long instead of just during a designated event. Every page could include facts and certain dates can be marked off. For instance, if a fundraiser, run or walk is being held in your area – you can include the information on the calendar so customers can find out how they can participate.