Event marketing season is upon us, which means there’s no better time to brush up on your outdoor event planning than right now. From 5ks and fun runs to tailgating and branded beach incentives, we’ve got the tips you need to keep your clients having fun in the sun.

1. Be Distinctive

With outdoor products, the more different they are from what your customer or employee can find in a retail setting, the better. Finding a product that offers more than expected, such as an umbrella with a Bluetooth speaker, shows your audience something they can’t get elsewhere.

2. Be Mindful of Multiple Uses

There are some outdoor products that are “one-and-done” in terms of marketing uses, and while there isn’t anything wrong with that per se, it also doesn’t have to be the case by default. There are lots of outdoor items that can be used year after year, extending your reach a great deal. ¬†Whether it’s sunglasses or a cooler with your company’s logo on it – opt for items that will last more than one season.

3. Consider Incentives

Given their associations with fun and luxury, higher price-point outdoor products can be a great choice for incentive and rewards programs. ¬†When adding products like coolers, chairs and other higher-end outdoor items to an incentive program, label the category as something like “lifestyle” rather than “tailgating,” since the latter can have too much of a hard-partying connotation.

4. Bright Is Best

Bright colors are useful for outdoor marketing. Use something bright, whether a t-shirt, bracelet or lanyard, to quickly identify event attendees or to separate people into different groups.

5. Plan for the Weather

Sometimes, weather doesn’t always work in your favor, so you need to make sure whatever items you provide for the event can handle what the elements have in store. You could even add logoed rain ponchos to your list for added peace of mind.

6. Try Direct Mail

Mailing someone an item as a way to hook them into attending an event has always been an interesting way to approach direct marketing. Any small, mailable item is a good choice, from sunscreen and can coolers to luggage tags and mini flashlights.