School’s out for the summer! But summer is short! Too short! We’ll be enjoying sunshine and baseball games one day and windy football games the next. And as any good teacher (and Benjamin Franklin) would tell you, “Never put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.” Such wise words to live by.

It might be summer break, but it’s the perfect time to gear up for fall registration! Get in the SCHOOL CRAZE!
Top 5 reasons to get in a SCHOOL CRAZE NOW!

#1-Top of mind…As teachers, parents, coaches, and organizations are packing up last year’s memories, they’re taking note of what they have an abundance of, what was useful, and what wasn’t. There’s no time like the present to order promotional products for next year! Send them to the promo grocery store while they’re hungry!

#2-Organization…If they order now, they’ll be set for fall with one less thing to worry about! It’s imperative to have plenty of inventory in those campus bookstores because college kids love to spend money! And backpack giveaways are far more effective before school starts. Having promo products on hand while parents are present is always a bonus! Kids can’t buy much with their milk money but parents can always, “just write a check”! Back to school is the opportune time to have products available to add to those textbooks and activity cards fees. Order now to have products available for the check-writing season!

#3-Budget…Sometimes, there are funds remaining at the end of a school year that need to be spent. Items like pencils, pens, and notepads are timeless. Regardless of the school year, the school colors and school mascots tend to stay the same. School promotional products never go out of style! Use it (to buy promo) or lose it!

#4-Trendy…Those who order now will be a step ahead of the rest with the hottest trends. It’s best to be a leader, not a follower. If you wait to order back to school stuff at back to school time, it will be too late! If you want to be the first to be seen with the hottest trends, then you need to be the first to order them!

#5-Thoughtful…It’s always righteous to hand out promotional items as welcome back gifts at registration, especially when kids are transitioning to a new school or college. And as a measure of good faith, several businesses provide backpacks and school supplies to students in their local communities every year. If they order now, they can GET THEIR BRAND ON their good gestures!

We might not be in the midst of school days, but we should be promoting the school craze!