It’s not just the geography that makes a sensational vacation; the ambiance and the company we choose to spend it with tend to make our sojourns most memorable. We look forward to vacationing for the opportunity to relax, rejuvenate, enjoy time with the people we love, and simply tune out the stress of everyday life; but sometimes circumstances don’t allow us to physically leave, so we have to make the best of the place we call home! #staycation

Encourage your employees and customers to take a little time (maybe just a weekend) to decompress and tune out everyday life this spring with a few tips for a satisfying staycation!


Think of all the things you enjoy most about being on vacation and make a list- then try to replicate those qualities at home.

Someone makes your bed

Assign everyone one day of the staycation to make all of the beds. One day on- a few days off!


Make a list of local attractions that you’ve never taken the time to enjoy.

Someone cooks for you

Try restaurants in your community that you might have overlooked in the past or take turns cooking for each other.

It’s relaxing and quiet

Turn off the television and have a set time for everyone to log in and check email at the same time and then unplug the rest of the day.

Family time-

You don’t have to travel to set aside some family time! Plan some family-oriented activities to keep the kids engaged. Get out the games! Camp in the backyard!


Think about all the things we wish we had time for in our daily lives-but never take the time to do. Consider what you would be doing on a 12-hour flight to your ideal vacation spot, or what would you do if it were to rain on your excursion days?


Read a book.
Take a walk around your local downtown area and pay the local shops a visit.
Have a home spa day.
Learn something new!
Write a letter to an old friend or relative.
Have a backyard campfire complete with s’mores and stories!
Go fishing at a local lake or pond.
Order take-out from your favorite restaurant or even one you’ve never tried!
Take a hike around a local park and make it an eye-spy adventure-and don’t forget to pack a picnic!
Try a new recipe!


You don’t need to pack, but you will need to prep! Get your space ready to enjoy it. Take a day to deep clean your humble abode, get the bills paid, and do the laundry. Complete all of the tasks you would do to prepare for a vacation-and then don’t do them again until your staycation is over! Then plan the fun stuff-make a playlist, turn your out-of-office on, make an itinerary, and stock the fridge with all of your favorite beverages and treats.

Staycation Kits

Staycations aren’t just for those whose travel plans have been canceled, they can also put a positive spin on maternity leave or an unforeseen circumstance.  How can businesses help their customers and employees enjoy a staycation? Send them a staycation starter kit to lift their spirits! This is an opportunity to send well-wishes in addition to some carefully selected promotional products that can be used beyond their staycation leaving long-lasting and memorable impressions on the recipients.
What are you waiting for? Choose a theme and package it up!

Relax in Your Quiet Place

Perfectly relaxing promo items to take to a quiet place might include a logoed hammock, a custom wine set, logoed twinkle lights, and custom wireless earbuds.

Rejuvenate with a  Home Spa Day

Package up some rejuvenation with a personalized robe, spa kit, custom candles & bath crystals, manicure sets, and a customized sound spa.

Enjoy a Backyard Adventure

Send your clients out to enjoy the great outdoors with a personalized picnic blanket, campfire mugs, s’ mores kits, binoculars, flashlights, and branded games.

Whether your clients are making the most of an unforeseen situation or your employees just need a break, a personalized staycation kit is a thoughtful gesture that will surely be appreciated.