It’s the beginning of February and most people you talk to are ready for spring. Fortunately, it’s the shortest month of the year and spring is just around the corner.

February does have some bright spots – such as the chocolate filled love fest known as Valentine’s Day or Groundhog’s Day, the day we all hope that the furry prognosticator lets us know spring is coming and then there is Presidents Day, a day most people have off work.¬†Build off of the three holidays with the following ideas:

1) Warm up with a soft red blanket to help keep the chill away. Branding it with your logo and handing it out as a Valentine’s gift to your customers will brighten their day and keep them warm as they wait for spring to arrive. Better yet, send your customers off with branded chocolates to warm their hearts and make them smile.

2) Remind your employees of summer by offering customized flip-flops or sunglasses which make a great event giveaway or gift basket item – perhaps allowing them to forget the prediction of more winter to come.

3) Lastly, try something patriotic on President’s Day – hand out a red, white and blue bag during business hours to anyone stopping in on their day off or doing business with you that day.