0707_blogimageIf your business is just getting started in social media, or even if you have your foot in the door, figuring out what you should be sharing can be hard work. We’ve got some great ideas to help you keep your business top of mind and engaged with your customers.

  1. Share company news. You might not think people are interested what’s going on behind your office doors, but it’s human nature for us to be curious. These types of posts show insight into your company and make your customers feel like they are in the know.
  2. Share local news. It’s never a bad idea to share what is happening in your community – things happening in your neighborhood or town. Tagging other businesses and your city will allow you to grow connections and gain exposure on their social networks, as well as yours.
  3. Post industry news. The news from your industry can sometimes be a huge pull to your profiles. Your customers may also start to see you as an authority in your industry.
  4. Post tips and advice. Show your connections that you have great ideas, share how to use your product or give tips on how your customers can enhance the services you offer.
  5. Use humor. Even the most serious business can share humorous posts in a tasteful way. Funny posts attract more people and make it easier to stand out in a newsfeed that may be looking for a brighter day.
  6. Use images. Whenever possible, include images in your social media posts. People are very visual and a post with a picture attracts more attention – not just from users but from the social network itself.