Great employers know that happy employees who feel valued and appreciated are the most productive and engaged employees. In fact, a study from Warwick University in the UK suggests that employees work more effectively, creatively, and collaboratively and are 12% more effective when they are happy.









In truth, employees are no different than people in general – we all like to feel appreciated. How the boss demonstrates that appreciation can vary widely depending on any number of factors including the culture of the organization, the boss’s management style, the needs of the individual employees, and so much more.

Here are a few things to consider when looking at implementing an employee recognition program:

  • Monetary rewards and other gifts of significance are good options when the person’s positive behavior warrants something of larger value
  • Give recognition and positive affirmation as soon as possible
  • Even when working in a group, you can recognize individuals for contributing to a team effort
  • Acknowledge accomplishments for groups of people who achieved a goal together
  • Consider incorporating some type of peer-to-peer recognition which can positively impact a person’s job satisfaction

Employee recognition programs are a must-have for organizations that value employee engagement and retention. In fact, companies with recognition programs that are highly effective at employee engagement reduce their voluntary turnover by 31%.










Keep in mind, however, that recognition doesn’t have to be formal. Whether you share a handwritten note of thanks to a staffer, ring a bell in recognition of an accomplishment that quickly spreads the positivity with someone’s peers, or you drop off a fun desk accessory at the person’s workstation, even the smallest gesture can signify a tremendous amount of appreciation. In this case, it is often the thought that counts.

You can find hundreds of everyday great corporate gifts in our special collection on our website. In addition, here are a few suggestions on fun ways to reward employees as part of a formal or informal recognition effort:

  • Casual Days – give everyone a company logoed t-shirt or hoodie when they achieve a specific milestone and encourage them to wear that shirt to work on casual days
  • Thank you candies – leave a small treat box at someone’s workstation as a great way to say thanks
  • Desk accessories – provide your employees with whimsical or useful desk items they can enjoy every day
  • Cooking items – encourage more work/life balance by giving them unique gadgets they can use to create culinary masterpieces at home
  • Individual “awards” – give a display-worthy trophy for being the “Best Team Player” or “Most Creative Idea” contributor

Beyond recognizing employee accomplishments throughout the year, there is a long-standing tradition at many companies of acknowledging appreciation for employee efforts during the holidays. We’ve chosen 64 terrific gifts in our Holiday Gifts Collection that are perfect for the season. With items like holiday ornaments, sweet and savory treats, cozy blankets, and wearable gear, you’re sure to find the right thank-you gifts for your team members.










Plus, if you’re thinking of implementing a more formal rewards and recognition program, we’ve got the expertise and creativity to create a customized solution for you. Talk to your Vernon Account Executive today about incorporating employee recognition into your business today!