When the weather heats up, you can create warm memories by taking employees and clients on summer outings.

1. Go to a baseball game. It doesn’t have to be a major league game; minor-league games can provide good times and great memories at reasonable prices. Hand out a rally towel branded to your group with your company’s logo or even a t-shirt for the event.

2. Hold a happy hour. Call your customers and have them gather together at a favorite local brewery or winery. Offer an open bar for an hour (maybe even hand out a branded cup or glass), order a few appetizers and you’ve got a casual networking event.

3. Host a party. Have the festivities catered and consider making it a themed event – like a barbecue or tropical getaway. Plan some games or contests, hand out some great prizes and make it a party to remember.

4. Get on the greens. You don’t have to pull together an entire golf tournament, but a few hours on the links with some of you top customers could benefit your relationship with them. If you have time, plan a fun golf tournament for your employees as a thank you for all of their hard work.

5. Cast a few lines. Fishing provides the right mix of relaxation, excitement and time for chatting.

6. Head to an outdoor concert or play. Take advantage of the warm evenings, and perhaps some of your employees and clients interests, and head to a performance in a park or outdoor venue.

7. Do a dinner cruise. Scenic and relaxing, dinner cruises provide opportunity for relationship building.

Source: Advantages magazine; July 2014.