With the growing cost and changes to health care, companies are looking at creative ways to save money on their insurance premiums. Today, more companies are emphasizing the importance of prevention. Promotional products are an integral component to the success of a new program or a great way to recharge a current program – effectively delivering your wellness message, motivating and rewarding participants as they work on improving their health.

Initiating a company-sponsored wellness program benefits both the employer and employee. Harvard researchers found in 2010 that medical costs dropped by about $3.27 for every dollar a company spent on wellness programs. This is one reason why companies are giving employees the tools they need to succeed at achieving better health.

Here are some ideas on how to recharge your health and wellness programs:

  • Offer a reusable lunch container and cooler bag to all employees to encourage bringing a healthier lunch to work.
  • Hand out reusable drinkware to encourage employees to drink more water during the work week.
  • Recognize that changing habits can be a stressful so offer fun, shaped stress reducers at the kickoff workshop or planning meeting.
  • Use branded towels or bags as an incentive for employees to log their hours in your on-site exercise facilities or local gym.
  • Create a reward program featuring branded electronics, clothing or headwear for employees who meet health and wellness goals.

By incorporating branded wellness and personal care items into your corporate wellness program, you’ll reward employees with tools that can help them stay fit and healthy – and reward yourself with reduced healthcare costs and increased productivity and profits.

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