Thanksgiving is just around the corner (literally), and many of you are making plans for how you are going to use this time; visiting with relatives, serving meals to the less fortunate or whatever it is that you do on Thanksgiving. It’s odd that, as the majority of our waking hours at work, we don’t focus on how to show thanks for what our jobs provide us.

Blogger Lindsey Tyner shares some ways we can show thanks to customers, employees and colleagues.

This one should be a no-brainer. Customers and clients are the heart of what you do. Without them, you’d have no business. Maybe they’ve been your customer for years or maybe they’re brand new. There’s no time like now to show a little gratitude.

Send a thank-you card. In today’s increasingly connected world, a paper thank-you card can feel extra thoughtful. If you’re willing to, look at some of the products in our Wrap It Up! selection on our website and think about including a gift with your thank-you card!

No one likes working for a company that takes them for granted. Employees who feel appreciated, challenged and respected and who are given the space to grow will work harder. They’ll also be more likely to brainstorm the kind of creative solutions upon which the best businesses thrive. Saying “thanks” to employees can cement your long-term working relationships and ensure you’ve got yourself a loyal workforce.

Plan an company gathering. Nothing says “thanks” like taking a break midday. Stock your gathering with your employees’ favorite treats, bring a fun activity or two, and make sure you take a few minutes to acknowledge each employee’s accomplishments in the year gone by. Send each of your employees home with something from our In The Home selection on our website.

In the world of business, networking and referrals can make all the difference between moderate success and really thriving. If a colleague has sent you many referrals or even just one good lead, that merits a hearty thank-you, both at the time of the referral and during this grateful time of year.

Give a referral. The single best way to thank someone who sent a referral your way is to send one right back. Or, at the very least, connect your colleague with someone who can help their business. Your recipient will be grateful for the aid, and the person who provides the services you’re gifting will in turn be likely to refer business to you in the future.

Saying “thank you” is as good for business as it is for the mind, heart and soul. Make a list of who is most deserving of your thanks, start brainstorming how you’ll let them know, and start thanking. Happy almost-Thanksgiving!