1013-blogpostArranging a walk or run can be the perfect way to get people moving, draw attention to your cause or get participants in shape. Runs and races test your limits and promote physical wellness. Charity runs and walks can influence hundreds of people and provide you an opportunity for widespread awareness for your organization and its cause.

Here are three simple product ideas that you can run with.

  1. A custom water bottle is perfect for keeping athletes water ice cold all day and is a lot more eco-friendly than handing out disposable bottle of water.
  2. A promotional rally towel will allow your participants to keep cool and dry or allow spectators to cheer on the athletes as they race past.
  3. A branded pedometer will motivate race or walk participants by keeping track of their steps and distance during AND after the race.

Whether you are looking for fast-track incentives, marathon gifts or winning giveaways that will help draw attention to your event or cause, you can find them on our website.

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