Breast Cancer Awareness Month, during the month of October, is one of the most well-known causes in the world. Many companies take part in activities throughout the month to show support, raise awareness and educate the public. There are many reasons why businesses should use promotional items to raise awareness for a cause that they support. One important reason is that customers and employees usually hold on to the products for extended periods of teams, which means that customers will think about the cause for longer than one day (if you’re holding a special awareness day or event). Further, the products show customers and employees that you care about the well-being and health of your community.

Here are some more ways that you can use promotional products to support any cause that is important to your company!


Promotional products are a great way to raise funds for research, education and further awareness. Selling items at your events or in your office can be a more enticing way to raise money than a bake sale or silent auction. Choosing a promotional product that people like will help make raising funds easier, as well as allow you brand to spread as your items are purchased and shared.


In many cases, the causes we are trying to being awareness to are diseases that have risk factors, signs and symptoms. Promotional products such as magnets, pens, calendars and bags can help share the name, address, phone number or website of information resources that people can visit or contact to learn more about the disease.


By hosting, participating or sponsoring an event, your brand will be directly helping with research, resources, education and awareness to your cause. Use giveaway such as t-shirts or drinkware to keep people thinking about the cause for long after the event is over.

The need for awareness spreads far beyond just a day, week or even month. Promotional products can help spread the word about causes important to your company all year long.