Use QR codes with the items below for a promotional campaign that gets people engaged with your brand.
Calendars are a great vehicle for QR codes. Include a different code on each month or on random days that offers special limited time deals.

Encourage healthy living by providing health-related information, “exercise tips of the week” videos and recipes with a QR code on a water bottle.

Include a QR code on your next tradeshow giveaway, linked to a product demo video or digital product catalog to provide added value.

Practical Applications

The possibilities of marketing with QR codes and promotional products are almost limitless. QR codes can be put on promotional products to:

  • Launch a website, product info page or Facebook page
  • Launch a product demo video
  • Start an email
  • Add contact info to the person’s phone
  • Trigger a text message
  • Download GPS directions
  • Enter someone into a contest or drawing
  • Link to specials/coupon webpage that is updated regularly

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