Some gifts are universally well-received. Everyone uses pens and sticky notes. Who couldn’t use a tote bag? Who doesn’t appreciate a little flashlight to carry in a pocket or purse?

But sometimes one size does not fit all. Especially when it comes to the gifts that appeal to specific age ranges. If you’re planning a promotion using gifts to thank, motivate or recognize, make sure you’re giving an item that appeals to your target age group.

Here are some tips and suggestions for age-specific gift ideas…

  1. Target: Gen Y/Millennials
    T-shirts are still the standby gift for this group (pre-teens, teens, college-aged), and they’re not as picky as adults when it comes to style and fit. School gear and educational toys are also popular for promotions targeted to the younger set. And don’t overlook tech items – cases and accessories for the myriad of electronics they can’t live without – that are popular with the older end of this scale. The best vehicle for getting these gifts in kids’ hands is through schools. Think about sponsoring a school fitness program and providing t-shirts for all to wear. Or providing educational toys to use in the classroom.
  2.  Target: Gen X
    These 30-46 year olds are more settled career-wise and financially than adults in their 20’s. They appreciate lifestyle items, high-end incentives, technology items and gifts that will improve their homes, where they entertain, raise families and often work. Tabletop gifts, kitchen accessories, glassware, entertainment items – anything that will add to their home decor.
  3. Target: Boomers
    Boomers (age 47-65) share a similar desire for items that will complement their lifestyle and improve their quality of life. This group tends to travel more than other ages, because they have the money and time. If your promotion targets Boomers, focus on items that are helpful for travel, such as travel bags, cosmetic cases, power cord adapters, and passport/ID holders. They’re also fond of home-related items they can use for entertaining – wine bottle opener, decanter, wine glasses, barbecue sets.
  4. Target: Seniors
    Sixty-five and over, seniors appreciate functional products and anything medical-related, especially when they’re free. Seniors love things they can carry with them, such as a little bag, wallet or case they can put their ID and medical information in. Clocks and thermometers are popular (they like to see what the temperature is outside), as is anything to do with health care – pill boxes, dispensers, pill cutters, medicine bottle openers.