It can be hard to make a lasting impression at events, meetings and trade shows. When attendees stop by to visit your booth at trade shows, there is only so much time to grab their attention before they move on to their next stop. At meetings, people take in so much information that it can be difficult to remember a brief conversation about your business. At events, there is so much going on, that it can be hard to leave a lasting impression. With the right branded signage and promotional products, your business can remain on the minds of your audience.

Even before your event, it’s crucial to plan ahead. You should be familiar with the event’s audience and your budget before deciding on a promotional strategy. If ordering a promotional item for a specific upcoming event, make sure to order ahead of time so that the item you’ve selected can be delivered on or before your in-hands date so that you’ll have it in time for your event.

When choosing an item, it is important to select something that speaks specifically to your audience. Whether handed out on a trade show floor or at a corporate meeting or event, the right promotional product has the ability to make your event memorable and/or help your business stand out from others.

Pens, lanyards, hand sanitizers, totes and lip balm are all tried-and-true trade show and event giveaways. Pens and notebooks and padfolios are meeting winners. While these are great traditional promotional items, sometimes you need something a little more distinctive to set yourself apart from the competition. The key is to offer a useful, but unexpected item that will make a lasting impression.