Opportunities abound in connecting promotions to summer, with all its connotations of fun, relaxation and socializing. Whether it’s branding colorful sports bottles and beach towels or promoting hot-weather health and safety with bottled water and sunblock, when the sun is out, it’s a good time to get your brand message out too.

  1. Get personal. Company picnics, sporting events, or beach days all lend themselves to a variety of branding opportunities. Summer offers a particularly powerful time to make a personal connection with customers. If it’s a branded flying disc, towel, bag or beach ball, you’re allowing the person to become a part of the brand experience. They’re at a baseball game, have a beverage holder around their drink, and they are, in some way, thinking about your brand.
  2. Sponsor a summer event – like an outdoor concert, local festival or charity event. You’ll spread your message and create awareness in your community. Anything that will add to attendees’ comfort – hand fans, bottled water, sun visors, mist sprays, sunglasses – will create goodwill and leave them with good feelings about your company.
  3. Go big or go home. Putting your company logo on something big – like a set of beach chairs – that’s sure to be spotted on the beach, at kids’ sporting events and while tailgating will pack a big promotional punch. Larger items like a picnic basket, cooler, or barbeque set create more visibility – people will see it and ask where they got it. Think of something similar for company picnics, day camp open houses and family reunions.
  4. Sun safety. Summer presents a ton of fun and entertaining activities, but keep in mind that the summer heat can be brutal, especially for outdoor workers. Items that encourage healthy living and sun safety not only show concern for employees, but also help lessen workplace injuries and loss of productivity. Water bottles, insulated lunch bags, caps, mini-fans, sunscreen, lip balm – all communicate a message of health and safety.
  5. Say it in green. Summer’s association with the outdoors makes it a fitting time to promote an eco-friendly message. Choose green prizes or giveaways like reusable beverage bottles, recycled tote bags or paper photo frames at your company outing. Organic cotton caps or t-shirts are great event souvenirs that say you care about your employees and the environment.

Summer is full of unique opportunities you can use to stay in front of your customers and employees.  Make sure your brand is everywhere they are this summer.