While many adults are choosing to marry and start their families later in life, it’s not entirely stopping them from becoming parents.

To many adults, pets are much more than sweet companions. According to Gale Agency, 44% of Millennials see their pets as starter children, practice for the real deal. The study found that 21% of adults cited having pets as starter children being the main reason for welcoming new animals into their homes. Another 23% of adults said this contributed to their reasoning for welcoming fur babies into their households.

The changing perception of pets creates a new opportunity for fun, memorable promotional products. While not every trade show, conference or meeting attendee has a pet at home to use giveaways for, those that do will be sure to really appreciate a different kind of swag item. These type of products are also perfect for vets, animal rescue leagues and humane societies. Whether a scoop, bowl, collar, tag, leash or treat, people who love their pets like children will be sure to remember a company or organization that cares enough about their pets to remember the little things just as much as they do! Whether you’d like to go with a classic, inexpensive piece, like a tennis ball or frisbee, or something newer, like a pet water bottle, the choices are plentiful!

In 2016, The Washington Post reported that three-fourths of Americans in their 30s own a dog and over half of them own a cat.