Your actual display is critical to tradeshow success. Presentation can make the difference between drawing people into your booth, or having them walk right by.

Here are a few tips on how to make a big impact with your booth presentation.

Keep It Simple
Your exhibit will stand out if you create a very simple booth. Keep it uncluttered, only include the essentials, and make it open and inviting. A branded table cover can provide the building block and attract attention (instead of using the plain one provided by the exhibit hall).



Think Tall
Design a booth that incorporates one tall element that is visible above the crowd. It can be as simple as an overhead sign with a unique design, or something more unusual like a group of hanging banners.

 A professional looking booth builds credibility and attracts attention. To see a variety of ideas for designing your next tradeshow booth, visit our Tradeshow Displays & Signs.