Reward CongratulationsDoes your company employ younger workers? Do you have a desire to keep them? Are you rewarding them like they need to be?

  • Some 58% of employees in today’s organizations are from the two youngest generations in the workforce.
  • The need to adapt recognition strategies to the changing expectations of today’s employees is greater than ever before.

According to the Incentive Marketing Association, members of Nintendo Generation (aka Generation Y) are craving more frequent recognition – and most employers aren’t giving it to them.

Playing frequent video games has caused members of this generation to crave constant recognition. Video games offer beeps every few seconds to encourage people to keep playing. Younger workers want the same type of recognition, with the same frequency, in the workplace.

If you want happy, engaged, productive workers try offering more spontaneous rewards – smaller items like music download cards and USB drives – that can be given out more frequently than an expensive watch.

  • Recognizing employees does not require grand gestures. Small, inexpensive items given regularly can help keep people moving forward.

If you employ Generation Y workers you should be doing everything you can to hold on to them or they’ll find somewhere that does.