You don’t have to be a rock star to have merch like one. Self-proclaimed social media models, garage bands, and entrepreneurs alike have joined the brand bandwagon-not only to build their brands, but also as a side gig. With it being easier than ever to stream our favorite music and watch videos of our favorite celebrities for free, merch proceeds have been offsetting record sales. Your business might not need to supplement proceeds from vinyl, but a little extra income never hurt anyone. And since we’re all rock stars in our own right, let’s Get Our Brand On some merch[andise] for our fans!

Want groupies?

Act the part. Having merch available to your customers and fans will paint an illustrious image- and not just for the already semi-famous. Corner coffee shops, ma & pa diners, and pizzerias are taking full advantage of selling branded products. Merch=impressions.

1. When a customer sees you have merchandise available, it sends a message that your business is already well-known enough to create a demand for merch. With social media telling our edited life stories these days, everyone wants to be seen in the hippest restaurants, drinking the finest coffee, and sporting the latest clothing. It’s no different than groupies buying t-shirts at their favorite concert-confirming to their social media followers that they’re legit!

2. Once you convince your customers that your business is indeed shiny enough to have merch-you’re golden! Just imagine the number of impressions those logoed goods will warrant.

Lowkey Cool

Here are some promo products to boost sales, fan loyalty, and excitement:

  1. Personalized T-Shirts and Sweatshirts-Quite possibly the most popular merch of all times, t-shirts NEVER go out style. It’s estimated that just one t-shirt can generate as many as 3400 impressions! This is why we see kids wearing Rolling Stones t-shirts that were printed before they were even born. The only thing cooler than a t-shirt is a vintage t-shirt; so design yours basic enough to withstand the test of time.
  2. Custom Caps, Beanies & Visors-Although you can’t go wrong with hats of all varieties- it seems that “dad hats” are all the rage right now!
  3. Custom KOOZIE®-People love their Koozies! Maybe you’ll get lucky enough that the recipient of your custom koozie will take it everywhere they enjoy a cold drink this summer!
  4. Logoed Water Bottles-You don’t have to be a VSCO girl to appreciate a stainless steel water bottle! Water bottles are always lowkey cool since they’re sustainable, useful, and trendy!
  5. Personalized Sunglasses-What’s hotter than getting your brand on some lit shades?

Fire Freebies

Sure, you want your customers to pay for t-shirts and hoodies, but little giveaways are a win-win for everyone! Your fans get a little something for free while you spend very little moolah on advertising.

  1. Custom Stickers-Every VSCO Girl in America is carrying around a stainless steel water bottle covered in stickers these days. Jump on that train! With stickers starting at just 10 cents each, you should be giving them to everyone! Whether they end up on a water bottle, laptop, or a car bumper, they’re probably going to stay there for a while. If all goes according to plan, your brand will be stuck on their minds like it’s stuck on their stuff!
  2. Personalized Buttons & Pins -As low as 35 cents each-pins are no-brainers! Pins also make the perfect add-on item. They buy a t-shirt, you throw in a free pin!
  3. Printed Tote Bags-Canvas totes aren’t just for hipsters anymore! With plastic bags being banned across the globe, reusable tote bags are the perfect sustainable product because people will be flashing your logo at shops and stores all over town!
  4. Custom Keychains-Now why wouldn’t you want to give away a product that will ride everywhere your customer rides?
  5. Personalized Pens-Perhaps the most obvious choice for giveaways, and we can only hope they get left somewhere!  The more impressions, the better!

Well, that’s the tea! So stop being so basic! Go flex and Get Your Brand On some merch! Who cares if people think you’re extra-your stans will love it!