It’s the weekend where pools all across the Midwest are re-opening and white jeans are once again socially acceptable. A weekend where blueberries and raspberries will be in high demand, as they make the perfect pairing for decorating an all-American cake. And the fake flowers lining the shelves of superstores across America will be replaced with sunscreen and S’mores ingredients within the next few days. If you haven’t thought about it already, the countdown is on to jump on the summer bandwagon!

With Memorial Day weekend being the unofficial kickoff to summer, it’s time to talk about what’s summer trendy. You might be surprised to learn that it’s a good balance of old, new, environmentally friendly, and beautifying.

Let’s start with the old. Some old is actually modish.

We’ve heard the saying a thousand times…”Everything old is new again.” It never disappoints.

Plaid has made a comeback.  And it’s not just for winter flannel anymore either. We’re seeing it on summer swimsuits, umbrellas, and yes…men’s shorts!

Fanny packs. Why not? They were always practical, especially for those summer trips to amusement parks and campgrounds.

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It comes as no surprise that what’s new is also contemporary.

We thought the cell phone had replaced the watch, but we were wrong. The watch has replaced the personal trainer. Watches and fitness trackers are super trendy, especially for beach body calorie counting.

Travel gadgets are a summertime must and there are more options than ever before when it comes to tech products and convenience! Portable charges are great for any season, but we’re all a little more unplugged in the summer. With the days being longer and summer activities taking us closer to sunshine, beaches, and baseball games, we’re further away from outlets so we NEED travel gadgets to stay connected.

Contemporary promotional products: activity tracker wristbands, flashlights, wireless chargers, Bluetooth speakers

Environmentally friendly and earthy=chic.

Hopefully, this green state of mind is here to stay and not just a trend. Individuals and companies alike are making an effort to be more earth-conscious and socially responsible. We like to both give and receive items that can save the earth, and we like to be seen doing it too.

Any articles that replace items that might end up in the sea are sure to be a hit this summer! We’ll see more people carrying reusable bottles and tumblers on their hikes and fewer plastic water bottles. Far more suburbanites will be shopping with reusable tote bags at their farmers’ markets and organic grocery stores than ever before. And with cities all over the world banning plastic straws, there’s never been a better time to promote reusable items!

Raw wood items are extremely trendy. Whether it’s cutting boards made from reclaimed barnboards or engraved coasters made from driftwood, homes all over America are trending with raw wood pieces just in time for summer barbeques!

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Beautifying. Looking good is always à la mode.

A season full of class reunions, swimsuits, and weddings; there’s no denying that summer is the season to look our best.

Whether it’s the small stuff like fake nails and lash extensions or the bigger ticket items like ab machines and shapewear, it is always trendy to look good in the summer! And since we tend to travel lighter in the summer months, small personal care items are the perfect inexpensive giveaway.

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So dust off the flip flops and clean off the koozies because this weekend is all about summer…and remembering our fallen heroes, of course! 

Blog by Sommer Kibbee
Strategic Communications Specialist, Vernon