Building brand loyalty starts by getting people to bond with your brand and form strong personal feelings for it. Personal care products have the ability to do just that – by connecting your brand with people in a very personal and meaningful way.

Putting your brand on a pen or notepad that is used at a desk each day is effective. But think about a person putting soothing foot lotion on their aching feet at the end of the day or applying protective sunscreen on their family during a fun beach outing.

If your brand is on that lotion or sunscreen, you have just become part of an individual, personal experience – and all the good feelings associated with it.

Branded personal care items offer you a chance to show you care about the well-being of your customers and employees.

Practical Ideas
These items work for any type of business, can be incorporated into many marketing campaigns and have universal appeal – everyone can use sanitizers, sunscreen, grooming or spa kits, sewing and first aid kits, lotions and lip balm.

Here are a few of the more popular personal care items.

  1. Hand Sanitizer – Any event where large groups of people will be attending is a perfect chance to provide a sanitizer. It’s timeless – the right fit during cold and flu season and summer travel months- and grabs multiple impressions daily due to frequency of use.
  2. Lip Balm – Portability and multiple daily impressions make lip balm a great choice for a variety of promotional situations. It’s connection to both weather protection and taste provides a wide range of opportunities – like dentist patient-care bags, hospitals, and for outdoor events like races, runs and walks.
  3. Breath Freshener – Breath mints and sprays offer a different angle, providing confidence to the user. Unlike preventative products, these are focused instead of improving how you’re perceived. Breath care items can last a long time, making the cost per impression very low and their effects (fresh breath) long lasting.