Thinking of sending your clients and business associates the obligatory “Happy Holidays” greeting card this year to thank them for their support and tell them how much they mean to you?

Well, ok, it’s better than doing nothing. But if you’re going through the effort of selecting, addressing, stamping and mailing, don’t you want to get more out of it than a quick glance and a “that’s nice” before it hits the circular file?

When it comes to thanking customers and conveying their importance to your business, there’s another option – one that makes a lasting impression on them, and gives you a greater ROI.

A promotional calendar. Also mailable and economical. Highly valued. Longer-lasting. More effective.

Promotional calendars are ideal holiday gifts. To recipients, a calendar is a thoughtful gift, with a high perceived value. It is appreciated as a functional tool to use throughout the year.

It’s that functionality that leads to a greater personal connection with your brand. Recipients see your brand message in their home and office day after day, where it delivers an ongoing thank you.

The calendar versus the holiday greeting card
Here’s how a promotional calendar compares to a holiday greeting card.

Calendar vs. Holiday Greeting Card

  • Hung on wall, placed on desk – viewed multiple times a day  vs.  Viewed for 8 seconds and tossed after January 1
  • 365 days of repeat exposure  vs.  1-3 weeks total exposure
  • A valued, meaningful, functional reference tool   vs.  Average person gets 20+ greeting cards a year
  • Average number of impressions = 4,380   vs.  Average number of impressions = 21
  • Average cost per piece for 250 = $2.36  vs.  Average cost per piece for 250 = $1.81

A promotional calendar gives you year-long exposure for your brand. That translates to a better value for your marketing dollars, and a more meaningful, effective way to make a lasting impression on your clients.