blogimage-072616Do you remember the last time you went somewhere and didn’t see at least one person wearing a cap? Have you been to a sporting event, golf course, mall, grocery store, park, or anywhere recently and not seen someone in a cap? It’s hard to recall isn’t it?

That’s because people love their caps. They’re the number-one fashion accessory for a wide variety of people. They never go out of style. They can be worn at work and play. And there’s a style to fit everyone – no matter their taste, age or size. In fact, in all likelihood your employees, customers, and potential customers are wearing a cap right now. Does it have your brand on it?

It’s hard to find a better fit for your advertising dollar. Branded with your company logo, a cap is a mini billboard providing constant brand exposure. Worn day in and day out, you’ll gain the attention of hundreds of people who will see your brand message repeatedly.