Take that Scrooge! Giving gifts to thank the people who make your business a success – clients and employees – has made a resurgence, says CNBC.

According to a CNBC special report, corporate gift giving is up this holiday season. More than 51% of small businesses will be giving presents to clients this year, up 8% over last year. While spending has been trimmed in many areas, this is one where companies aren’t cutting.

Why the increase? Because businesses recognize the value of gift-giving. Giving gifts to clients is a wonderful way to thank them for their support, and to encourage their continued patronage. Giving gifts to employees shows how much you appreciate all their hard work and motivates them to continue their efforts.

What are businesses giving? Trending gifts in the office this year are a collection of classics, ranging from:

  • Edible gifts: baskets packed with fruit, cookies, nuts and gourmet treats; or wine and accessory gifts.
  • Organizational or useful office items: USB flash drives, portfolios, computer accessories, leather business card cases, and 2013 calendars.
  • Home and lifestyle gifts: digital photo frames, flashlights, blankets, kitchen accessories, travel bags, and items used for entertaining.

Make It All About Them
To make sure those gifts leave a lasting impression, personalization is key. People love to see their name on something. Personalization adds serious value to a gift. The recipient knows the gift was meant for them personally, and this gives them a greater emotional connection with the gift and a feeling of being valued. Plus, putting the recipient’s name on the front cover of a portfolio is a classy touch that encourages frequent use. If adding their name to the item isn’t an option, personalize the gift with a hand-written card.

Gifts tell people they are important to your company and you value the relationship. The holidays are a great time to strengthen that relationship with a gift that shows your appreciation.