With the rising cost of healthcare and insurance, fostering a healthy workforce is becoming a business necessity, not a wishful desire. Implementing a wellness program for your employees can help reduce those growing costs.

The benefit doesn’t stop there, a wellness program:

  • Creates more productive employees
  • Increases overall morale
  • Reduces absences
  • Leads to a more successful organization

Promotional products are an integral component to the success of your program – effectively delivering your wellness message and motivating and rewarding participants as they work on their fitness.

Three Best Practices
Here are three strategies to developing an effective program.

  1. Get the ball rolling. Start a wellness program that encourages employees to keep moving, even in winter. Give them gloves, a cap or hoodie, along with a pedometer, to promote exercise and walking. Reward employees as goals are met with a duffel bag, jacket, MP3 player or fitness gear.
  2. Promote the program. Keep the program top of mind and motivate employee participation with items branded with your wellness message. Products that are practical, reusable and long-lasting work best for keeping your message front and center – water bottles, pedometers, tote bags, lunch bags, calendars, and refrigerator magnets with wellness reminders.
  3. Take it one step further. Being healthy encompasses more than physical fitness. It’s about overall well-being. Personal care and stress reducing items are an important component of any wellness program. Stress relievers, grooming and spa kits, sanitizers, gels, soaps, lotions, sun block and lip balms help promote a healthy workplace and show your concern for the well-being of those associated with your business.

By incorporating branded wellness and personal care items into your corporate wellness program you’ll reward employees with tools that can help them stay fit and healthy – and reward yourself with reduced healthcare costs and increased productivity and profits.