0407_blogimageEating clean, taking a brisk walk with friends and family, self-pampering — health and wellness is something that affects everyone so there are plenty of opportunities for your brand to be seen. Here are some promotion ideas that will help boost your brands visibility.

  1. Exercise equipment. Sitting in an office all day can be bad for your health. There are plenty of exercise and fitness products that can help improve posture, strengthen your core and provide a few minutes of daily exercise. You can provide employees with branded exercise balls, fitness bags and exercise bands.
  2. Snack attack. The easiest foods to grab aren’t always the healthiest. Send a message about health-conscious food selections by passing around a Megna-Mags (TM) at health. The magnet is inscribed with several 100 calorie snack tips to help with food choices. The magnet can be branded with your logo and contact information.
  3. Hand sanitizer. Freshen up after touching a subway pole, bathroom door or shaking hands with a coworker who can’t stop sneezing. Many sanitzers come with an area to put your logo as well as adjustable loops that make them easy to find in a bag, purse or in a desk drawer.
  4. Emergency kits. Make sure your office is prepared for anything with a simple first aid kit. Many of these kits come in a variety of colors and provide ample space to imprint a message, slogan or logo. They can include generic aspirin, antacid packets, antiseptic towelettes, bandages and even instruction cards.