With October just around the corner that means it’s also Breast Cancer Awareness Month which is one of the largest cause marketing events of the calendar year. It’s an opportunity, like all cause marketing events, for your business to show support for an organization or cause as well as to showcase your brand.

Cause marketing is more than writing a check to a charity, issuing a press release or sponsoring an event. It is a partnership between a for-profit business and a non-profit organization that allows for a business to build a marketing campaign that fits the needs of the organization. The partnership is mutually beneficial; the non-profit organization receives needed funds and exposure to the business’ customers and employees while the business can gain positive PR and stronger brand loyalty.

If you’re going to invest in cause marketing, make it count:

  1. Choose the right match – When choosing a cause to associate your company with, select one that employees and the community can get behind.  This contributes to goodwill from within and creates greater enthusiasm for your company and workplace.  For an even bigger payoff, involve employees in the selection process.
  2. Draw attention – Promotional products can enhance your return and make sure your message and contribution is noticed.  If your company is volunteering time, draw attention with T-shirts or caps with your company logo for all the volunteers.  If you’re sponsoring an event, consider sunscreen, prepackaged snacks, lanyards or backpacks.  For fundraising efforts, resell awareness bracelets or lapel pins, and place a banner in the store or workplace to track progress.
  3. Show and tell – Don’t be shy about promoting your do-good work. Your employees, customers and community neighbors should know what you’ve been doing, especially when it’s good.  Spread the word.

Worthy awareness campaigns run throughout the year. There are a number of causes you can support and help to promote, while promoting your business at the same time.

One of the biggest attention-getters is Breast Cancer Awareness in October. There’s also American Diabetes Month in November, AIDS Awareness in December, Blood Donor Month in January, and the list goes on.  Or stick closer to home and find a local cause or charity to support.

Whatever you choose, select a cause that matters to your employees and customers and make it a win-win for you and the cause you’re supporting.