Does the unusually warm weather and nationwide record-breaking high temperatures have your employees and customers displaying symptoms of Spring Fever? That seasonal affliction causing people to crave sunshine, become more active and plan outdoor activities?

Use that behavior to your advantage and take the opportunities the change in seasons provides to promote your business. Associating your marketing strategies with upcoming warm-weather events and activities will increase your brand visibility, helping you grow your business (and build goodwill with those Spring fever sufferers).

Top 4 Opportunities For Spring Promotions

Add to your marketing mix with these promotional opportunities inspired by the season.

  1. Spring into action. Spring is synonymous with outdoor activities – and promoting your business with activity-based items puts your brand where your customers are. Water bottles, pedometers and sport packs are an active lifestyle item that can be used on biking and hiking trails and at walks and runs. Koozies, folding chairs and coolers will be used at the ball field, putting your brand on display for others to see.
  2. Spring fling. Celebrate the warm weather with outdoor themed promotions. Host a company picnic, golf tournament or trip to the baseball park with gifts to compliment the event theme. Branded items like caps, visors, sunglasses, sunscreen, t-shirts, tote bags, umbrellas and golf gear can be used again after the event is over, keeping your brand working throughout the season.
  3. Spring awakenings. Gift customers with a picnic basket, portable grill or blanket for a fun day at the park. Give gardening kits or plantable promotions to the gardeners in your audience. Think customized barbeque gear, accessories and outdoor game sets as the perfect companions for backyard barbeques. Used around family and friends your brand gets increased exposure.
  4. Spring cleaning. Out with the old, in with fresh, new ideas to promote your brand. Branded screen cleaners and desktop organizers encourage spring cleaning and decluttering. Or focus on cleaning up the environment with eco-friendly organic cotton totes or solar-powered technology gifts.