The leaves haven’t even changed yet but it’s time to start planning for the holidays? That’s right! Before pumpkin spice lattes are replaced by peppermint mochas, here are five trends you should get a jump on for successful holiday promo gifting that will leave lasting impressions.


It comes as no surprise that tech is the #1 category corporations are turning to for gifting this year.  Smart home devices are in the spotlight, with digital assistants (think Amazon Alexa and Google Home), video doorbells, and 360-degree motion-detecting cameras in the lead. Mobile tech, like Bluetooth speakers and higher-end earbuds and headphones, along with high-capacity power banks to juice them (as well as every other device you’re carrying around), will also shine this season.

Qi 2-Go Wireless 4000 mAh Power Bank

You can’t go wrong with tech. Everyone uses it, everyone has it, and if they don’t have it, they want it. Nothing says Grand Gift quite like a talking robot that doubles as a security camera!

2-Food & Drink

It’s no question that all thoughts turn to food and drink during the holidays, which is why premium food and beverage items will be a hot ticket this year, as in years past. Baskets filled with mouth-watering chocolate, nuts, wine, cheese and a couple of Omaha Steaks, never go out of style! Savory and salty offerings like meats and cheeses,  gourmet popcorn, and pretzels are always great gifts during the holidays and football season but of course; sweets still reign. Who wouldn’t appreciate some dark chocolate-covered pretzels with crushed peppermint, sea salt caramel balls, milk chocolate-covered marshmallows, birthday cake bites, or high-end almonds?  And because most of these items come in a variety of packaging options like boxes, bags, baskets, and tins, all you’ll need is a ribbon!

Custom Chocolate Squares Gift Box (1 1/2 lbs.)

Classic holiday gift items are always Grand Gifts. Specialty food items and chocolates are definitely going to play a larger role in gifting this year because they’re often produced locally, and aren’t affected by the overseas tariff situation. Remember to include at least one non-edible, imprinted item that keeps them thinking of you long after the last bite!


The best gifts are uniquely customized, so it’s no surprise that personalization has emerged as a significant trend. It’s the thought that counts right? And nothing screams thoughtfulness quite like personalization. Whether you go classy with monograms or cutesy with nicknames, a personalized gift is always appreciated.

Individually Personalized Travel Tumblers


It’s one thing to get a gift with a corporate logo on it – it’s another to receive a Grand Gift with your name on it!

4-Kits & Gift Baskets

Kitting has been around forever and there’s a reason for this.  It provides a total gifting experience- an opportunity to market your logo on multiple items. Customers end up with 4 or 5 gifts to remind them of you all year, instead of just one more expensive one. Customers also perceive kits or baskets as being very thoughtful because of the time put into choosing the individual items.

Premium Mug Gift Basket

Odds are, they will like and use at least one of the Grand Gifts in the basket. It would actually work to your advantage if they didn’t like something and shared it with someone else. That’s one more person holding your brand in their hand!

5-Fun & Games

Classic, old-fashioned games have made a comeback. We’re all trying to create that balance of screen-free and tech time. Retro-inspired products evoke a sense of nostalgia, which is what so many of us are striving for these days. Giving the gift of games is giving the gift of family time- quality time to make memories.

4 Piece Coaster Game Set

Games are Grand Gifts for individuals, families, or even businesses. They stimulate conversations and competitiveness in every environment. And…most games require at least 2 players. That’s at least 2 people seeing that logo!

So let the sweet smell of cinnamon radiating from that pumpkin spice latte get you in the mood to make that holiday shopping list so you can get the Grand Gifts everyone wants this holiday season!

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