“More business is done on the golf course than in the boardroom”… seems that time-tested adage still holds true today. CEOs, VP’s, managers and account executives will all tell you one of the top spots to develop business relationships is on the golf course.

Everyone from big corporate entities to small community businesses are hosting events to build business and their brand.

The popularity of golf and it’s “coolness” factor has soared recently. It is by far the largest pastime for professionals. And it’s audience has expanded to reach all demographics. That means more opportunities for you to market your business.

If you can get your brand on the green, in front of customers, prospects or community members while they are relaxing or doing business, that’s good exposure.

Why promote your business with a golf outing and/or golf products?

  • A company sponsored golf outing leads to valued, lasting relationships with clients, vendors and employees.
  • Golf products branded with your logo have high visibility.
  • Golf items are kept and used repeatedly – and will be seen by other potential clients.
  • Golf products portray a high-quality image. Associating your name or brand with a sport like golf is a clever way of giving products and services luxury appeal.