Is employee morale faltering a little this summer? Productivity decreasing? Are you noticing more glazed-over expressions as employees daydream of being at the beach, ballpark, golf course…anywhere but the workplace? It might be time for a company picnic!

Summer provides a great opportunity to build morale and show employees how much you appreciate them with a corporate outing or company picnic. Whether it’s a company-sponsored group outing to a sporting event, barbeque in the company parking lot or a picnic in the boss’s backyard these types of events go a long way to the success of your business.

Five benefits of company picnics:

  1. Build company morale
  2. Show appreciation for employees and their efforts
  3. Foster employee teamwork and camaraderie
  4. Strengthen co-worker relationships
  5. Have fun and socialize in a friendly, non-work environment

Make it Memorable
It doesn’t have to be an expensive or extravagant event, just fun and memorable. Make sure employees remember the good time they had at the event by giving them mementos of the day. Give branded items to all who attend as event souvenirs, prizes for game participation/winners or recognize employees for levels of achievement in front of their peers.

T-shirts, cooler bags, tote bags, caps, sports bottles, can coolers, golf balls, barbeque gear, picnic sets, beach chairs, photo frames – any of these things branded with your company logo will serve as a reminder of the day and keep them smiling long after the event is over.

When employees are happy that carries over to their dealings with clients, prospects and each other – making your business more successful.