An estimated 400 million rounds of golf are played in this country each year. That’s 400 million opportunities to build brand awareness. So stop putting around because now’s the time to drive in on custom golf giveaways!

Golf Giveaways

Whether you’re in the golf business or provide services and/or products to golf enthusiasts, there are endless possibilities when it comes to custom golf gadgets. In addition to making clients and employees feel appreciated, promotional products should be raising brand awareness and making your customers think of your business when they need your services and products the most.

When do you want your customers to think of you? If you own the Nineteenth Hole, you probably want them thinking of you while they’re hot and thirsty on the course, right? Get your logo on branded golf teesimprinted golf balls or personalized golf towels. Own a driving range or manage a course? Give them a custom golf calendar to gaze at or golf stress balls to take their frustrations out on while they’re pent up in the office and they’ll be calling to book that tee time!

On Par Apparel

Whether you’re dressing your employees for a golf outing or charitable event, or simply looking for some uniformity within your golf organization, it’s always on par to dress your best for a hole-in-one photo-op! And because polos are golf’s shirts of choice, it’s one of the smartest promo purchases you can make. Golfers will wear a polo to the office, lunch, the driving range, dinner, and eventually the golf course. Just imagine the number of impressions that a single branded polo shirt could generate-because golf polo shirts are always trending!

65% of consumers own promotional polo shirts.
76% of women report keeping their promo polos because they find them attractive.
A promo polo that costs $10 will have a CPI of only 4/10 of a cent per impression!
Promotional polos generate 2,300 impressions over their lifetime.
Source: Global Ad Impressions Study 2019 by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI)


Giving name-brand products is like having an ice-cold beverage in a frosted mug at the end of a winning round on a hot day. It’s not necessary but it sure does sweeten the deal. If you’re going to spend the resources to provide promotional products, then Get Your Brand On products the recipients will use. You could give someone an entire box of custom golf balls, but if they’re subpar,  they might not make it out of the sleeve. Quality counts when you’re talking sports. After all, golf is a game, and games are competitive. Athletes want to use products that warrant results. Keep in mind that quality should always matter, but brand reputation should definitely be considered when it comes to personalized athletic products.

Looking To Get Your Brand On brand-name? Consider Titleist golf balls & hats, Callaway golf gloves and umbrellas, and Nike golf polos. Looking for perfect promo prizes? Consider larger ticket items like personalized golf bags, which have maximum impact but low minimum order requirements.

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