With so much uncertainty surrounding the coronavirus and how it will affect all of us longterm, many of us are still holed up in our houses, apartments, and condos trying to keep our sanity and not become complete couch potatoes. (Side note: I wonder if there’s a phrase for gaining weight during quarantine, like the “quarantine 15”.)  As communities throughout the U.S. are reinstating stricter rules and guidelines that its citizens must follow to help slow the spread of the virus, many of us continue to feel unsettled, uncertain, and uneasy about the situation. However, in addition to the standard safety precautions we can all take, like staying socially distant, staying home when feeling sick, and wearing face coverings in public, there are other ways to keep our sanity while quarantining at home. One of the best ways to stay safe while staying in and around your home is to go outside and get some fresh air, even if that means you’re doing it solo.

Being alone and enjoying the outdoors might look different from one person to the next. Here are a few suggestions for promoting outdoor activities to your clients that will be good for the soul – and for the waistline.

  • Tending the garden – For some peace and tranquility while outside, many people enjoy gardening. Plus, it can be very fruitful for the mind, body, and spirit (as well as for the wallet helping to save on spending at the local supermarket). Find a great selection of gardening tools that can all be branded with a company logo.
  • Pedal pusher – If it has been a while since you hopped on a bicycle or even if you’re an avid cyclist, now is a great time to hit the mean streets and see what’s happening in your neighborhood (from a distance, of course). And don’t forget the water bottle!
  • Walk this way – Walking – as well as jogging and running – help get your heart rate up and increase your blood circulation. Pop on the earbuds, strap on the pedometer and head outside for a brisk walk. It’s also a great time to organize your thoughts and create a to-do list of things you’d like to accomplish post-walk. If you’ve got a furry four-legged friend, you’ll want to also grab the leash and doggy bags on your jaunt around the neighborhood.
  • Fun in the sun – There was a time that playing lawn games like croquet and lawn darts were a common occurrence in neighborhoods around the country. Today, it takes a bit more cajoling to get a couple of people together for some lawn games, but it can definitely be worth the effort. From oversized outdoor dice to a quick game of bags, outdoor games can really get the competitive juices flowing so much that it won’t even feel like you’re exercising!
  • Outdoor reno projects – If you’ve been putting off making much-needed updates and changes to the exterior of your home, condo, or yard, there’s no time like the present to get that project started. From landscaping and painting to trimming trees and restaining decks, the options for outdoor activities around the home are truly endless. Just be sure to arm yourself with the right equipment like sunglasses and some home repair tools.

Note that if you’re a business owner who cares about the health and wellbeing of your customers, this is also great information to share with them. From healthcare professionals to businesses focusing on employee health and wellness, consider promoting the many physical and mental health benefits associated with outdoor activities. Look to your Vernon Account Executive to help you find just the right promo items to get your brand on while your customers are outside or view our collection of select items perfect for outdoor activity.