In today’s marketplace, it’s essential for your business to stand out. With the world upended due to Covid-19, all in-person meetings, trade shows and customer events were suddenly put on hold indefinitely. Without the ability to see customers and prospective customers face-to-face, there are still a number of ways to get your name, brand, products and services front and center.

Hold a virtual trade show

Depending on the technology tools you use (we’re big fans of Zoom), you will have a multitude of ways to get your message across to attendees. Many of these services give the option of pre-recorded sessions, live sessions, one-on-one sessions or even large webinars with multiple participants.

Additionally, it’s key to give participants as similar of an experience as you would have during a live trade show. Show off your latest goods and services. Share what’s new, what’s different and why they should do business with you. It’s also important to share positive client testimonials from recent projects, or even better – invite those former clients to share their positive experiences in person during your event and allow participants to ask questions of those individuals who can tell them first-hand how great you are to do business with.

Send out a trade show in a box

If a virtual event isn’t something that meets your needs, consider doing a direct mail “trade show in a box” campaign. Along with your business card and marketing materials, include any items that you would have given to attendees at your exhibit or booth from trade show bags to logoed pens and lip balm. The options are limitless. Click here to view a collection of some of our most popular trade show items.

The trade show in a box mailing can also be combined with a virtual event. Sending the mailing out in advance of your virtual event helps to create some excitement for the participant. Sending the items post-event serves as both a thank-you and a reminder of what they experienced during the virtual event.

Keep in mind that if putting together a customer mailing seems overwhelming, you can let us do the work. Speak to your Vernon Account Executive today about our custom packaging, kitting and mailing programs. This is a great way to guarantee that your marketing materials and branded merchandise arrive even when you can’t be there in person.