If you’re interested in reducing your costs of doing business and increasing efficiency a custom online store with The Vernon Company may be right for your business.Demo Company Store

  1. Save time & money.  A custom store with Vernon can take the hassle and expense out of the order process. We’ll help you simplify ordering, minimize your time requirements and can even eliminate your inventory investment. 
  2. Protect your brand. You have complete control over the usage of your company’s logo or artwork. In creating your store, you’ve already set branding guidelines that provide consistency for every campaign and prevent company logos from being used inappropriately.
  3. Increase control.  Not only will you gain complete control over your brand message and order processes, you’ll have 24/7access to sales and inventory reports, as well as user information.
  4. Free up valuable space and cash flow. No more stocking, storing and shipping. We have complete merchandising, warehouse, order fulfillment and distribution capabilities. You pay for the product as the order ships.

An online store to handle your branded products is a great way to give you more control, power and speed when it comes to managing your corporate promotional programs.  Browse through our demo store to see for yourself how easy and convenient your own custom web store can be.

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