blogimage_050216Golf is a sport where the way you’re dressed can be almost as important as the way you play. And golf apparel isn’t just for the professionals. It can be used for business outings, sponsored corporate events, charity events and fundraisers. Everyone on the golf course, from caddies to spectators, are all expected to be dressed for the greens. Here are four things your should consider when you are looking for golf apparel:

1) Branding. Golf provides an opportunity for every individual to be a walking billboard. Individual players can make millions with endorsement deals. But even employees hosting a business outing or individuals working a sponsored corporate event, can have tastefully done branded apparel with their business logo. No matter, who you dress, the impressions shouldn’t be missed on the golf course.

2) Comfort. Choosing a piece of apparel that is comfortable and allows for movement is key to a good golf game. Polos are common pieces of apparel but so are wind shirts, jackets and sweaters. You’ll want to consider the type of material (lightweight, moisture wicking, etc.) and construction (side vents, tag free, mesh lining) when narrowing down your options.

3) Style. Most golf courses do have some standards when it comes to attire. Men are usually required to wear collared shirts and while ladies have some more flexibility, collard shirts are common. For both, athletic cuts and coordinating styles are common. Bold colors aren’t uncommon so don’t be afraid of being slightly daring with the apparel you choose.

4) Weather. With condition changing quickly during the spring and summer; apparel that allows individuals to stay cool when it’s warm, layer on when it cools off and keep dry if rain begins to fall is essential. Hats become common when the sun is shining and don’t interfere as much with someone’s golf game as sunglasses.

Golf’s popularity continues to grow; so the opportunities for marketing your business and brand on the golf course are also increasing. If you have a golf related event coming up, contact your promotional consulate for more advice on choosing the right apparel for the tees, fairway and greens.