Everyone has experienced a major appliance failure or a car breaking down and in most cases there are often telltale signs that something is wrong. The same logic can be applied to your promotional products. There are signs that things aren’t working and that it may be time to change it up. Here are some common signs that it may be time to upgrade your promotional products.blogimage-071416

1) You don’t have a strategy behind your items. You shouldn’t just give out promotional products at random. Your branded products need to have strategic plans to back them up. You want your products to relate to your brand, be useful and delight the recipients. The products you giveaway should have a purpose.

2) Your brand has changed, but your giveaways haven’t. If you’ve business has gone through a logo and website re-design – the products you giveaway should too. Order products with the new logo, or reflect the same colors and feel as your new website to reinforce your new identity. Additionally, promotional products can be used to announce new changes. Announce the launch of a new produce with a relevant branded giveaway. Handout products with your website address included on them to encourage visitors to check out the new site.

3) Your employees don’t give away the products or don’t use them. If this is a true statement, it’s important to take note. Your employees are the life-force of your business. In order for an employee to promote your brand or effectively sell your products/services, they need to believe in the product. The same applies to promotional products; your company needs items that inspire employees to engage consumers.

4) You’ve been reordering the same product for years. The promotional product industry isn’t static – and neither is your business! As long as consumer trends change, so will promotional product trends. You want to make sure that you are giving away products that are relevant to what is going on in the world today. And while some products, such as caps and calendars are staples in our industry, make sure to take a look at new decoration methods, improvements to materials and the newest concepts before you place that next reorder.