Want top exposure for your brand? Try a custom cap, beanie or knit hat – employees and customers are mad about caps, and spend top dollar at retail to display their favorite brands. There has never been a better time to design custom headwear unique to your business.

Read on to discover why headwear is trending as a promotional giveaway…

1. Apparel is somewhat seasonal. Jackets lose their value when the temps heat up. Caps on the other hand serve many purposes. They keep you warm and protect from rain. Caps can shade from the sun. They also offer a handy shelf for sunglasses and keep unruly hair in place. Rain, sun or snow, caps are popular year round and in any climate.

2. For the company that has given away polo after polo, or jacket after jacket, caps offer a colorful companion to the apparel you’ve offered recipients year after year. The same cap could make an appearance on the golf course, at a sporting event, in the grocery or out on the shooting range. Caps fit a variety of lifestyles.

3. Technology is trending, and that applies to caps too! Now there are more fabric and decoration choices than ever before. Live in a warm region? Add a custom sweatband to the inside of the cap for ultimate comfort. Is safety and visibility of concern? A reflective band of fabric will serve a critical purpose. The details you add to a cap will support the message and enhance your brand.

4. Surprise and delight – again and again, A well crafted cap with an excellent decoration is a keeper. Not only are caps easy to transport, functional and stylish, they can serve as a collector’s item. Seed co-ops, universities, event organizers and sports teams create unique designs specific to a season or activity. Creating a cap just for that event will generate camaraderie among participants.

5. Because they have a large imprint area, caps get your brand front-and-center attention. Nearly any thread color is possible to precisely match your logo. Embroidery is the most popular decoration method and can be expanded to multiple locations on most caps. Consider all of the possibilities when designing a custom cap.