Calendars are an easy way to keep track of your appointments, meetings, vacations and much more! By putting your business’ brand on a promotional calendar, you are becoming a part of your customers day-to-day activities. Here are five facts about calendars:


  1. The average number of printed calendars per household is 3.2.
  2. 25% of U.S. consumers own branded calendars.
  3. The average mount of exposure your brand gets is 12 months because most consumers keep their calendar for an entire year.
  4. 66% of survey respondents look at a calendar in the office more than two times a day.
  5. 61% of survey respondents had favorable impressions of advertisers on promotional calendars.

Promotional calendars give your brand additional exposure every time someone checks the date, adjusts a deadline or notes an appointment. They can be inexpensive, fully customized and unique to your brand.

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